How To Prepare For An Interview

Do’s in an interview

Start preparing early.Take as much time as you have available to you.
Learn as much as you can about the company and the interviewers.
Make sure that you carry 2-3 copies of your resume, certificates (if asked), a notepad and a pen in a well organised folder.
Make a good first impression.Show up early and looking well dressed and well rested.
Practice everything from your handshake to your introduction.
Answer questions completely honestly.Paint yourself in the best way but remain humble and brief.
Remain polite, respectful and positive.
If there are more than one interviewer, establish eye contact with each of them while answering the questions.
Have educated questions for the interviewers.
Make sure that the interviewer can hear you clearly. Avoid talking too loudly or in a very low volume.
Follow up with a thank-you note after the interview and an email from them if you haven’t heard from them.
Don’ts in an interview
Wait until the last minute.
Go in knowing nothing about the industry or the position for which you’re interviewing.
Be caught off guard. A lack of preparation makes you seem like you don’t want the job
Arrive late or looking disheveled.
Fumble for words or sound unsure of yourself because you haven’t rehearsed.
Exaggerate or lie about your accomplishments. Droning on about your achievements can make you look phony.
Stare at the interviewer as it exhibits over aggression.
Badmouth former employers or complain about prior jobs you’ve held.
Ask questions for the sake of asking, or ask something you could have found out on your own.
Hound the hiring manager, as it could hurt your chances.
Biting your nails, tapping the table with your pen, sipping water again and again, touching your forehead or nose, biting your lips demonstrates nervousness.